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1-11-2024 Q&A: Chair Modeling, Molding Toolpath, Chip Load Challenges, Pausing Carves, Mach4 Code Organization, Spindle Turning in VCarve Pro, and Image to File Conversion: Q&A Highlights

This Q&A Meetup offered a deep dive into CNC and Vectric software, covering topics from 3D modeling Sam Maloof's chair to troubleshooting carving issues and optimizing toolpaths. The session provided practical solutions for common problems, such as recovering from CNC glitches and managing chip...

12-17-2023 Q&A: Marquee letters, 3D finish passes, workholding, sweep profiles, STL import errors, spoil board ramping, asymmetrical shapes, VCarve challenges, cone setting, rotating X toolpaths.

In our Vectric software-focused Q&A session, enthusiasts and experts alike delved into advanced techniques and troubleshooting tips to elevate their projects. From exploring new shortcut commands in the latest software version to crafting a precise heart inlay with progressively larger copies, th...