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#151: Police Badge: 2D Inlay vs. 2.5D V-Carve - 7/20/2023

#151: Police Badge: 2D Inlay vs. 2.5D V-Carve

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Lesson: #151
Topic: Police Badge: 2D Inlay vs. 2.5D V-Carve
Live date: 7/20/2023

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When creating a sign, it can be done in many different ways to produce different outcomes. Just by changing the toolpath, it can have a big effect on how the final product turns out. In this lesson, we explore the differences between the 2D Inlay toolpath and the 2.5D V-Carve toolpath. We also discuss the pros and cons of the machining time and how these types of signs will be finished. In our next lesson, we will look at how to 3D model this police badge in Aspire to make an even different variation of the same sign.
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