Kyle Ely (left) and Izzy Swan (right)

Hello, I'm Kyle Ely.

I always had a passion for making things since I was little. In 2010, I discovered CNC machines and built my very first one in my bedroom when I was just 16 years old. As with most of us, I struggled learning how to use my CNC machine at first. Over the years, I got much more experience and eventually got a job working with large industrial CNC machines. I now have a wide range of CNC experience with high-end production work, large custom projects, and smaller scale hobby projects.

I started sharing my experiences online and was helping other new CNC users but I quickly realized that everyone had the same questions. This inspired me to create these training courses to easily guide students to quickly reach their CNC goals. I now teaches CNCs and Vectric Software full-time and love sharing my knowledge with others.


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