Kyle Ely (left) and Izzy Swan (right)

Hello, I'm Kyle Ely.

I've loved making things since I was a kid, and in 2010 I discovered CNC machines. I even built my first one in my bedroom at just 16 years old! Learning to use it was tough, but I kept at it and eventually landed a job working with large, industrial CNC machines for a New York City company.
I gained experience with all sorts of projects - from high-end production work to custom projects and smaller hobby projects. As I shared my experiences online, I noticed that many other new CNC users had the same questions I had when I started out.
That's why I created easy-to-follow training courses that help students reach their CNC goals quickly. Now, I'm a full-time teacher for CNCs and Vectric Software, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with others!

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