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#170: Simple CNC Gift Ideas - 12/14/2023 (82 mins.)

#170: Simple CNC Gift Ideas

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Lesson: #170
Topic: Simple CNC Gift Ideas
Live date: 12/14/2023

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🎄 Crunch time for Christmas gifts? No worries! Dive into this Vectric training session where we reveal our top 6 last-minute gift ideas you can whip up with a CNC router. Talk about a holiday lifesaver!

We’re showing you how to craft everything from handy oven rack push/pull handles and charming custom acrylic Christmas ornaments, to stylish acrylic edge lit signs, creative 'paint-by-numbers' signs/decor, personalized coasters, and even a cool k-cup holder. And guess what? We’re not just showing you how – we’re giving you the digital files too, so you can tweak, personalize, and start cutting right away.

Whether you're a CNC newbie or a pro, these projects are super beginner-friendly and perfect for any Vectric software – Cut2D, VCarve, or Aspire. We totally encourage you to let your creativity run wild and put your own spin on these designs. So, let's get those routers humming and spread some custom-made holiday cheer!

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Project Downloads: Yes

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