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#99: CNC Bits Q&A - 7/7/2022

#99: CNC Bits Q&A

aspire beginner cut2d live training replay toolpaths vcarve vectric feature lesson Jul 07, 2022

Lesson: #99
Topic: CNC Bits Q&A
Live date: 7/7/2022

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How to add form tools into the tool database and optimize feed and speed settings. We also answered lots of great questions from students.

Techniques used in this lesson:

  • Tool Database
  • Backup Tool Database
  • Round over bit
  • Form Tool
  • End Mill
  • Feed and Speed
  • Feed Rate
  • Plunge Rate
  • RPMs
  • Chip load
  • Flutes
  • Stepover
  • Pass Depth
  • Profile Toolpath
  • Leads
  • Dimensions

Project Downloads: No

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