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#143: Custom Birdhouse - Part 1 - 5/18/2023

#143: Custom Birdhouse - Part 1

aspire beginner cut2d fun & games gift idea intermediate live training replay popular project downloads summer vcarve May 18, 2023

Lesson: #143
Topic: Custom Birdhouse - Part 1
Live date: 5/18/2023

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Get ready for a chirpy adventure as we dive beak-first into designing a custom birdhouse using Vectric Software! This lesson is all about adding some tweet to your tech skills, starting with how to lay the 'nest'-work for your design create your 'flock' of shapes for the birdhouse. We'll then guide you, feather by feather, in creating a birdhouse that's as unique as a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Expect to flutter around Vectric's tools, sketching an outline that would make a peacock proud, partitioning the inside like a woodpecker on a mission, and adding decorative elements that will have your birdhouse visitors tweeting five-star reviews!

So, fluff up your feathers, perch on the edge of your seat, and let's create a birdhouse that's ready to wing its way into the world of CNC projects! As always, we also answered lots of great questions from students.

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Project Downloads: Yes


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