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#195: Wooden Candy Dispenser (Part 3 of 3)

aspire cut2d fun & games gift idea intermediate project downloads toolpaths vcarve Jun 06, 2024

Lesson: #195
Topic: Wooden Candy Dispenser (Part 3 of 3)
Live date: 6/6/2024

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🍬 It's time to wrap up our sweet CNC journey with the final part of our wooden candy dispenser project! In this lesson, we'll complete our design by creating the bottom tray and the top piece, utilizing advanced techniques like the molding toolpath for smooth, curved transitions. We'll also explore strategies for making the spinning mechanism function smoothly, such as using washers or custom 3D-printed spacers to reduce friction. Along the way, we'll discuss important considerations like material grain direction, hardware choices, and keeping the dispenser easy to clean and maintain. As we dive into toolpath creation, we'll cover the use of pocketing to create recesses for nuts and bolts, as well as the importance of tab placement and ramping for efficient and safe machining. By the end of this lesson, you'll have all the knowledge and skills needed to create a fully functional, eye-catching wooden candy dispenser that's sure to delight. So, grab your favorite sweets, fire up your Vectric software, and let's finish this project on a high note!

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