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6-13-2024 Q&A: Tool Database Tips, Two Rail Sweeps, Profile Toolpaths, STL Alternatives, Software Comparisons, and Tool Improvements

q&a meetup replays Jun 13, 2024

In this Q&A Meetup, we tackled a variety of topics that are essential for advancing your CNC projects using Vectric software. Key discussions included where to find the best resources for adding new tools to the tool database, mastering the techniques of two rail sweeps and 3D profiling, and innovative methods for creating variable depth profile toolpaths without relying on a 3D model, particularly useful for guitar fret slots.

We also explored how to efficiently organize and group layers by sheets in Aspire projects to enhance project management, and tips for improving toolpath animation speed in the latest software version. Additionally, there was a focused discussion on resizing STL models in VCarve Pro without causing distortion, which is crucial for maintaining precision in 3D projects.

This session provided a wealth of information and practical advice, making it a must-watch for anyone looking to refine their skills and maximize the potential of their Vectric software.

Questions Answered in this Q&A:

  • 00:12:11 - Where can I find the best resources for adding tools to my tool database in Vectric?
  • 00:14:02 - Can we go over two rail sweeps and 3D profiling?
  • 00:14:23 - Is it possible to have a profile toolpath vary in the Z position without using a 3D model for guitar fret slots?
  • 00:24:36 - Is there are alternatives to Aspire for creating an STL file of a fretboard.
  • 00:30:14 - Are there other software options like Shapr3D or SketchUp for similar tasks?
  • 00:35:02 - How the Draw Curve tool has improved from before?
  • 00:39:23 - How to group specific layers associated with each sheet in Aspire projects?
  • 00:41:30 - How to improve toolpath animation speed in version 12.?
  • 00:43:12 How to change the size of an STL model in VCarve Pro without distorting it?


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