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4-9-2024 Q&A: Pointed Roundover Bit, Compression Bit, Version 12 Updates, Interface Improvements, Cat Box Ramps, Non-English Fonts, G-code Generation, Circle Line Copying, Carving Setup

q&a meetup replays Apr 09, 2024

In this rich and informative Q&A Meetup, we navigated through a wide spectrum of topics, blending technical mastery with creative exploration in CNC and Vectric software. Participants brought forward an array of questions, from pausing long 3D cuts in G Sender and eagerly awaiting Vectric's version 12 updates, to refining project details and leveraging non-English fonts in Aspire. The discussion extended into practical demonstrations on utilizing pointed roundover bits, mastering molding toolpaths for custom inlays, and venturing into 3D modeling from AI-generated images with VistaSculpt. We also tackled material-specific queries, like cutting techniques for carbon fiber, ensuring a comprehensive session that touched upon advanced toolpath options, optimization strategies, and safety measures. This meetup not only addressed specific technical challenges but also highlighted the vibrant creativity and collaborative spirit within our CNC community, offering insights, inspiration, and a shared enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in CNC crafting.

Questions Answered in this Q&A:

  • 00:00:50 - He used my instruction to add a pointed roundover bit. The one he has is a quarter inch radius with a 0.03 inch point flat. He said he drew the outline and entered it into the tool database. Now when I use the tool, will VCarve Pro automatically recognize the flat point dimension, or will I still need to offset the toolpath?
  • 00:11:56 - In the molding tool path, I always get the warning cut depth exceeds material thickness. Can you explain how to use slider for gap above and gap below the material?
  • 00:23:31 - Trying to cut his first wavy flag. While cutting the stripes, the bit left high spots in the white stripes. He tried cutting it again, but it did the same thing.
  • 00:25:50 - Why is this not cutting right in the preview? He's made smaller ones and they cut okay. What is he missing?
  • 00:31:19 - I can't figure out how to create a specific toolpath. Can you help or provide? Here are the details
  • 00:46:37 - Looking for a way to double side edge on this cake knife.
  • 00:57:30 - Do you have a video on how to vectorize a name in Aspire?
  • 01:03:36 - Is there any update on the version 12 release?


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