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#182: Flat Pack CNC Stool - 3/7/2024

#182: Flat Pack CNC Stool

aspire beginner cnc joinery cut2d furniture intermediate kitchen live training replay popular project downloads sketchup toolpaths vcarve workshop project Mar 07, 2024

Lesson: #182
Topic: Flat Pack CNC Stool 
Live date: 3/7/2024

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🪑 Dive into this Vectric lesson as we craft a flat-pack CNC stool, blending functionality with sleek design. This lesson unveils the process of creating a sturdy, easy-to-assemble stool using Vectric software. Starting with a SketchUp model for visualization, we detail each step in Vectric, focusing on perfect slot widths for a snug fit without fasteners. Designed for easy shipping and storage, this three-piece stool project is a fantastic addition to your CNC repertoire, suitable for home or commercial use. Whether for personal enjoyment or as a unique sale item, let's build something great together!

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