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#181: How to Quickly Make 3D Models with Free AI Tools - 2/27/2024

#181: How to Quickly Make 3D Models with Free AI Tools - 2/27/2024

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Lesson: #181
Topic: How to Quickly Make 3D Models with Free AI Tools
Live date: 2/27/2024

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🌟 Unleash your CNC creativity with this Vectric lesson on leveraging AI for 3D CNC projects. We're diving into advanced AI tools to transform simple prompts into detailed 3D models, like an intricate dragon, in minutes – all with free resources! Ideal for Vectric Aspire users, this session is a treasure trove for enhancing your projects with AI magic. From generating images with Microsoft Copilot to depth mapping and final touches in Aspire, we've got you covered. Perfect for those intrigued by the fusion of AI and traditional crafting, let's explore how AI can elevate your CNC creations to new heights!

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