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#179: CNC Box Lid Customization 2D & 3D - 2/15/2024

#179: CNC Box Lid Customization 2D & 3D

3d modeling aspire beginner cnc joinery cut2d double sided gift idea intermediate live training replay love popular project downloads toolpaths vcarve Feb 15, 2024

Lesson: #179
Topic: CNC Box Lid Customization 2D & 3D
Live date: 2/15/2024

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💖 Step up your CNC crafting with this Vectric lesson on CNC Box Lid Customization. This session dives deep into the art of personalizing box lids, transforming simple designs into exquisite keepsakes. We'll explore advanced techniques for adding 3D models and intricate textures, ensuring your creations stand out. From elegant wedding bands to heartfelt messages, the possibilities are endless. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned users of Vectric software, this lesson is packed with creative ideas and practical tips to take your projects to the next level. Ready to impress? Let's make those CNC routers sing with personalized box lids!

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