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#178: CNC Jewelry Boxes with Lids - 2/8/2024

#178: CNC Jewelry Boxes with Lids

aspire beginner cnc joinery cut2d double sided gift idea live training replay love popular project downloads toolpaths vcarve Feb 08, 2024

Lesson: #178
Topic: CNC Jewelry Boxes with Lids
Live date: 2/8/2024

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💍 Ready to craft a unique Valentine's Day gift? Jump into this Vectric lesson as we create a customizable CNC Boxes with Lid, inspired by the upcoming Valentine's Day. This hands-on project is perfect for storing precious items and showcases various designs from heart shapes to classic rectangles, circles, or polygons. We cover everything from Vectric software basics, designing with VCarve, Aspire, or Cut2D, to mastering different toolpaths to achieve different lid lip designs. We also discover how to easily incorporate personal touches. Plus, we're sharing the digital files for easy customization.

Whether you're a CNC novice or a seasoned maker, this project will enhance your skills and add a personal touch to your Valentine's gift collection. Let's start crafting and add a special touch to your gifts this season!💘

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Project Downloads: Yes

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