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#162: Halloween Shadow Jack O' Lantern - 10/12/2023

#162: Halloween Shadow Jack O' Lantern

aspire beginner cnc joinery cut2d gift idea halloween holiday live training replay project downloads toolpaths vcarve Oct 12, 2023

Lesson: #162
Topic: Halloween Shadow Jack O' Lantern
Live date: 10/12/2023

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Hey there, crafty folks! 🎃 Dive into this fun lesson where we conjure up a spook-tacular Halloween jack o' lantern decor. The coolest part? When lit, it casts some eerie shadows that'll seriously set the mood for your haunted soirées. If you're just starting out, don't sweat it – this project is super beginner-friendly. Plus, whether you're rocking Cut2D, VCarve, or Aspire, you're good to go. And hey, once you've got the basics down, why not jazz it up? Let your imagination go wild and whip up your own unique Halloween masterpiece using the tricks you pick up here. Happy haunting!


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