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#161: Parametric Wall Art - 10/5/2023

#161: Parametric Wall Art - 10/5/2023

3d modeling advanced aspire cnc joinery fun & games gift idea intermediate live training replay project downloads texture toolpaths vcarve Oct 05, 2023

Lesson: #161
Topic: Parametric Wall Art
Live date: 10/5/2023

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Dive into our latest Vectric tutorial where we'll play around with designing a cool 3D water ripple. But that's just the beginning. We're gonna slice it up and show you how to turn it into some awesome 3D parametric wall art panels. Trust us, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to cook up your own custom designs and get those toolpaths sorted. And hey, we're all about creativity here – so let your imagination take the wheel and craft some killer wall art. James, one of our students in this lesson, couldn't contain his excitement, saying this lesson was a game-changer and had his mind buzzing with ideas. So, come on click play and let's get designing!


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Project Downloads: Yes

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