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#160: 3D Double-Sided Spatula: Part 2 Toolpaths - 9/28/2023

#160: 3D Double-Sided Spatula: Part 2 Toolpaths

3d modeling advanced aspire double sided intermediate kitchen live training replay project downloads toolpaths Sep 28, 2023

Lesson: #160
Topic: 3D Double-Sided Spatula: Part 2 Toolpaths
Live date: 9/28/2023

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Dive deep into the world of double-sided 3D modeling with our Vectric Training Lesson tailored for crafting a wooden spatula. Navigate the intricacies of setting up a double-sided project, and learn how to aptly prepare your 3D model for seamless toolpaths, including the strategic placement of 3D tabs ensuring secure machining. Unravel the magic of alignment dowel pins, a key to achieving perfectly symmetrical sides when the workpiece is flipped. Not only that, we'll guide you through creating 3D roughing, finishing, and profile toolpaths. To top it all off, soak in valuable tips and tricks, ensuring you achieve the most polished and optimal results. Master the art of double-sided 3D machining with confidence and precision!

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