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#158: Vectric V11.55 Updates Overview - 9/14/2023

#158: Vectric V11.55 Updates Overview

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Lesson: #158
Topic: Vectric V11.55 Updates Overview
Live date: 9/14/2023

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Step into the exciting world of Vectric as we deep dive into the fresh updates introduced in version 11.55 of Vectric software! First on the list, we uncover the power of new file templates, designed to accelerate your workflow by quickly setting up jobs of common sizes. Then we look through the revamped toolpath features, from the precision of defining circular leads by angle to the finesse of the over scanning capability in the laser picture toolpath, and not forgetting the innovative laser geometry selector.

Then to my personal favorite update: the brilliant new feature to the nesting tool that seamlessly uses a filler option, ensuring you get the most out of every sheet. Lastly, we touch upon the awesome tool database updates, making collaboration a breeze with clickable links in notes and a shareable database links. Throughout the lesson, we also addressed a plethora of insightful questions from our eager students. Dive in and explore what's new in Vectric 11.55!

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