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#157: CNC Puzzle Trays - 9/7/2023

#157: CNC Puzzle Trays

aspire beginner cnc joinery cut2d fun & games gift idea intermediate live training replay popular project downloads toolpaths vcarve Sep 07, 2023

Lesson: #157
Topic: CNC Puzzle Trays
Live date: 9/7/2023

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Embark on an engaging Vectric Training Lesson, unlocking the fascinating world of CNC puzzle trays! From conceptualizing a square-shaped tray divided into four distinct jigsaw pieces to mastering the nuances of crafting the perfect toolpath, this tutorial covers it all. Wondering about versatility? Watch as we swiftly transform our square tray into a charming heart shape with just a few minor edits.

Feel the spark of creativity? We encourage you to conceive your own unique CNC tray design and flaunt it on our community page. Tailored for users of Cut2D, VCarve, and Aspire, this lesson promises a delightful blend of learning and inspiration!

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Project Downloads: Yes

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