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#145: CNC Whirligigs - 6/8/2023

#145: CNC Whirligigs

aspire beginner cut2d double sided fun & games gift idea intermediate live training replay popular project downloads summer toolpaths vcarve Jun 08, 2023

Lesson: #145
Topic: CNC Whirligigs
Live date: 6/8/2023

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Welcome back, future master crafters! In this exciting Vectric training lesson, we tackle a project that's been highly requested by YOU - a dazzling Cardinal Whirligig!

Guiding you step by step, we'll navigate through the intricate process of designing this delightful and mesmerizing kinetic yard ornament. This tutorial will have your screens swirling with creativity as we transform a simple 2D sketch into a lifelike 3D rendering of our charming feathered friend, the cardinal.

And that's not all! Prepare to dive into the captivating world of toolpaths. We’ll be focusing on how to efficiently carve your masterpiece using Vectric software. From picking the right tools, setting optimal speeds and feeds, to the strategic ordering of paths, this lesson has got you covered.

But here's the best part! This tutorial isn't just about making a cardinal whirligig - it's about igniting your creativity. We strongly encourage you to take the techniques you learn here and use them to design and cut out your own unique whirligig. Think beyond the cardinal - maybe a soaring eagle, a hovering hummingbird, or a swooping owl? The sky's the limit!

By the end of this lesson, you'll be armed with the know-how to not just make a cardinal whirligig, but to bring your own unique whirligig designs to life! So, grab your creative hats and let's get swirling!

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Project Downloads: Yes

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