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#142: Wooden Grill Scraper - 5/11/2023

#142: Wooden Grill Scraper

aspire beginner double sided gift idea intermediate kitchen live training replay project downloads summer toolpaths vcarve May 11, 2023

Lesson: #142
Topic: Wooden Grill Scraper
Live date: 5/11/2023

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This was a fun lesson on how to create a double-sided wooden BBQ grill scraper using Vectric software and a CNC machine! 🌳🔧

For those wondering, a wooden grill scraper is a BBQ-lover's secret weapon - an all-natural, safer way to clean your grill. It effortlessly scrapes away the remnants of your last grill session without any risk of unwanted wire bristles getting into your food! 🍔🥩

In this training, we took a deep dive into the process, guiding you through the design and toolpaths with Vectric software. The result? A handy, eco-friendly tool that's perfect for your next BBQ.

Are you ready to make your own and impress at the next cookout? Click the link above to learn more about this project and get started! 🔗👆

Remember, your grill, your food, and your stomach will thank you! Happy grilling! 🍖🔥👍

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Project Downloads: Yes

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