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#137: Flat Pack Display Shelf - 4/6/2023 (69 mins.)

#137: Flat Pack Display Shelf

aspire cnc joinery cut2d furniture intermediate live training replay popular project downloads toolpaths vcarve Apr 06, 2023

Lesson: #137
Topic: Flat Pack Display Shelf
Live date: 4/06/2023

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Designing a "flat pack" display shelf unit that can be used in a vendor event or a wide variety of other uses. As always, we also answered lots of great questions from students, as well as best practices.

 Techniques used in this lesson:

  • Flat pack
  • Display shelf
  • Shelves
  • Tumbler cups
  • Coffee mugs
  • No fasteners
  • Fillet (normal, dog-bone, & t-bone)
  • Slots & grooves
  • Node edit
  • Offset
  • Array copy
  • Draw rectangle
  • Draw line
  • Interactive trim (scissors)
  • Toolpaths
  • VCarve
  • Aspire
  • Cut2D
  • Profile toolpath
  • End mill

Project Downloads: Yes

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