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#136: Designing A Sign That Sells - 3/30/2023

#136: Designing A Sign That Sells

aspire beginner cut2d live training replay project downloads vcarve Mar 30, 2023

Lesson: #136
Topic: Designing A Sign That Sells
Live date: 3/30/2023

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Do you struggle to make your own custom designed signs? If so, this lesson is perfect to learn many different techniques to make your designs stand out from the rest! As always, we also answered lots of great questions from students, as well as best practices.

 Techniques used in this lesson:

  • Custom sign design
  • Distort
  • Draw text
  • 2D Clipart
  • Node edit
  • Boundary create
  • Offset
  • Sheets
  • Toolpaths
  • VCarve
  • Aspire
  • Cut2D
  • Profile toolpath
  • V-Carve toolpath
  • End mill
  • Vbit
  • Trace bitmap
  • Hello Spring sign
  • Flowers
  • Bee
  • Finishing tips
  • Painting
  • Oramask

Project Downloads: Yes

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