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#105: Large Wooden Spoon - Part 1 -9/1/2022

#106: Large Wooden Spoon - Part 2

3d modeling aspire double sided gift idea intermediate kitchen live training replay popular project downloads toolpaths vcarve Sep 02, 2022

Lesson: #106
Topic: Large Wooden Spoon - Part 2
Live date: 9/1/2022

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How to customize an external 3D spoon model and set up the double sided toolpaths. We also answered lots of great questions from students.

Techniques used in this lesson:

  • Spoon
  • Double Sided
  • 3D Import
  • 3D Tabs
  • Clipart
  • Custom 3D Tabs
  • Customize a 3D model
  • Component Tree
  • Distort Objects
  • Mirror Objects
  • 3D Roughing Toolpath
  • 3D Finishing Toolpath
  • Pocket Toolpath
  • Profile Toolpath
  • Tapered Ball Nose Bit
  • Stepover
  • STL file
  • VCarve
  • Aspire

Project Downloads: Yes

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