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1-17-2023 Q&A: Converting Image to 3D Model, Allowances in Toolpaths, Moving Vectors, Cursive Fonts for Laser, Stream Deck Setup Video, 3D Printing Tutorials, Ball Screw Covers Ideas, and More!

q&a meetup replays Jan 17, 2023

Dive into a wealth of CNC knowledge with our January 17 Q&A session, where we covered everything from customizing designs by removing and adding text, to converting images into 3D models, and even saving components as clip art for future use. We tackled practical machining challenges, such as dealing with MDF material specifics, and explored the possibilities of Vectric's software ecosystem for running CNC machines. From extending lines to achieving exact cut measurements and understanding toolpath allowances, this meetup was packed with actionable tips. We also discussed hardware essentials, including bowl bit and drill bit recommendations for specific projects like cribbage boards, and addressed questions about Vectric's laser module and screen resolutions for perfect picture imports. The conversation spanned to more advanced topics like adjusting spindle options for Onefinity, selecting cursive fonts for laser cutting, and finding resources for 3D printing. This session is a must-watch for those looking to enhance their CNC crafting skills, with expert advice and community insights.

Questions Answered in this Q&A:

  • 00:01:11 - How to remove text on an imported design to add your own text?
  • 00:09:05 - How to convert image into 3D model?
  • 00:14:42 - After you have done a component, can you then save it as a clip art?
  • 00:17:16- I use an end mill on mdf, or pocket the sign, I put a coat of sanding sealer thinking it would stiffen the fuzzies, and then took some toolpath with an eighth inch ball nose bit, but 0.01 millimeter deep, so it would clip it. However, it took away the MDF around the letters and ruined it, why?
  • 00:19:14 - Is there a software I can do for my CNC, I currently create in VCarve and use Carbide motion to make my CNC run. Just wondering if vertical Vectric has motion software?
  • 00:21:08 - Can you show us how to extend a line?
  • 00:24:01 - I want to cut this at exact measurements, but it didn't.
  • 00:33:30 - Why would you have an allowance if you could put in the exact amount?
  • 00:40:08 - What manufacture bowl bits would you recommend?
  • 00:41:51 - I am trying to make a cribbage board. I looked at tools today for a drill bit. It just shows Endmills I like CNC dedicated drill bit for using x50 one Infinity.
  • 00:45:25 - How do I get the page to put it into Vectric with all the correct information for the thread cutting bit?
  • 00:47:04 - Do you have to pay extra for the laser module in Aspire?
  • 00:53:51 - Do you know the screen resolution you need or the size for the picture to be exactly?
  • 00:55:43 - Is it possible to show 3D objects on the job setup sheet editor?
  • 00:58:06 - What version was the spindle you put on your OneFinity?
  • 01:00:47 - How about moving a line, particular distance, like 1.5 inches to the right or left?
  • 01:02:57 - Anyone know any cursive fonts for laser cutting?
  • 01:14:39 - How do you change the thickness of a line that you're, like a vector line that you do in VCarve?
  • 01:16:06 - Do you remember which meetup you did where you talked about installing your stream deck stuff?
  • 01:16:57 - Anyone know where I could find good videos on 3D printing?
  • 01:25:41 - Does anybody have a decent idea for ball screw covers?
  • 01:31:46 - On the members map, how do we get added to the actual map itself?


removing text in designs, image to 3d model conversion, saving components as clip art, sanding sealer on MDF, Vectric motion software, extending lines, exact measurements in cutting, allowance in pocketing, bowl bit recommendations, drill bits for cribbage boards, Vectric thread cutting bit setup, laser module cost, screen resolution for pictures, displaying 3D objects in job setup, spindle options for Onefinity, moving lines specific distances, cursive fonts for laser cutting, changing vector line thickness, stream deck setup, 3D printing resources, ball screw covers, adding to the members map

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