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Customer Success Story: Tony Babb

My biggest win with the Learn Your CNC course has been access to a knowledge base that is not available anywhere else. I am able to ask questions and get answers for my specific situation."

Tony Babb
Tennessee, USA

CNC Experience: 2 years
CNC Machine: AVID Pro60120
Software: Vectric Aspire

Enrolled Training Courses:
🚀Live Vectric Group Training
📈Vectric Master Training Course

Tony's Success in the Live Vectric Group Training Class


Tony’s Results

  • More confident with his CNC
  • The ability to complete complex projects
  • Access to experts
  • A resource that can be referenced as needed

How the Live Vectric Group Training helped Tony master his CNC machine and 3D modeling

  • More confident with his CNC
  • The ability to complete complex projects
  • Access to experts
  • A resource that can be referenced as needed

What were your biggest challenges before the Live Vectric Group Training?

My name is Tony Babb, and I have been using a CNC for about two years. I did some research and purchased the Vectric software because I felt it best suited my needs and is the most powerful software. 

My investment in the CNC included that software right off the bat. I had a desire to learn the software and started off with the instructional videos from Vetric. 

What did you get out of the Live Vectric Group Training?

I recently had a one-on-one session with Kyle, because I got a project from an industrial company to make an apparatus using PVC.

I got him involved because he has worked with PVC and knows the exact speeds on the machine and what bits were best for cutting PVC. He was quite helpful with that.

It is this kind of in-depth knowledge and personalized advice that makes the Live Vectric Group Training Course so valuable. 

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

I could not do anything I am doing right now without the Learn Your CNC training. Kyle has been wonderful, and the fact that I can go back and look at classes over and over is what really helps. 

Looking back at the lessons is pretty much as good as the live training. He does such a good job! 

I do not use the software every day. I will go a few weeks without using it and forget a lot, and I have to go back and refresh my memory. The on-demand videos are great for that.

Is the Live Vectric Group Training worth it?

The main benefit of this course is that it is dedicated to the Vectric software. It is not a case of one standalone video. It continues on and takes you through the whole process with the software, from beginning to end.

Would you recommend the Live Vectric Group Training?

Based on my experience working with Kyle and Learn Your CNC, I would recommend both his master course and his live course. 

I do not see any downside to this training. It is my go-to place, and the first resource I consult. I do not know anywhere else to go right now. 

To be successful, you need to get access to someone who knows the software inside out. Kyle knows it better than anybody I know. 


In the live sessions you can ask questions and you get answers immediately, which is what helps the most.

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