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Customer Success Story: Mike Smith

“I'm flabbergasted by the amount of knowledge I have gained. I have been with Kyle for about a year now and it has been phenomenal.”

Mike Smith
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

CNC Experience: 2 years
CNC Machine: LongMill 30x30
Software: Vectric Aspire

Enrolled Training Courses:
🚀Live Vectric Group Training
📈Vectric Master Training Course

Some of Mike's Projects

Mike's Success in the Vectric Master Training Course


“I am 72 years old, and I am a right arm amputee. There are things that took a lot of time for me. By using Learn Your CNC, and the Vectric Master Training Course, those difficult tasks became simple.”

Mike’s Results

  • 50% reduction in production time
  • Improved CNC skills
  • More confidence
  • His CNC machine now more than pays for itself

How the Vectric Master Training Course helped Mike improve his efficiency and profitability

  • Highly focused instructional videos
  • Options for beginners and advanced users
  • Knowledgeable instructor
  • Proven tips for getting the most from your CNC machine

What were your biggest challenges before the Vectric Master Training Course?

My name is Mike Smith, and I live in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. I have been using CNC machines for around two years. I use Vectric Aspire for my software, and a Longmill 30 x 30 CNC machine for my production.

The reason I signed up for the Vectric Master Training Course was that I was tired of watching videos that were too fast.

When using YouTube videos, I found my efficiency was not very good. With the master course through Learn Your CNC, he does it step by step and breaks it all down in a way that is easy to follow.

What did you get out of the Vectric Master Training Course?

In terms of time savings, using the Vectric course has cut my production time by 50% at least. What used to take me 6-8 hours to design now takes just 2-3 hours.

In the Vectric Master Training Course, the lessons are all designed for that specific item that he's talking about. He does not waver from that.

If there is something else that he needs to tell you he will do it in another lesson. It is just too easy to follow and very simple.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

I am 100% more confident in what I'm doing now than I was before. The most important thing is that I am actually using my machine and it is paying for itself.

Before it was not turning out very well as an investment. A $20 item would be $50 and nobody would buy it!

Is the Vectric Master Training Course better than self-study?

The only free resources I ever used were YouTube videos. There are a couple that are not too bad, but the master training course breaks it down in simple steps.

Kyle, the instructor, speaks very plainly. He is easy to understand and you can always redo the module. Once you have the Vectric Master Training Course, it is yours forever. Five years from now you can go back and it will still be there.

Would you recommend the Vectric Master Training Course?

I would recommend Kyle's Vectric Master Training Course to anybody, whether you are a 15 or a 20-year veteran with the CNC, or a guy who has just bought one.

The course is well worth the money. If you want it, get it and do not think twice about it! I would recommend this to anybody.

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Join Mike's success in our Vectric Master Training Course where you will learn the design, toolpath, & 3D modeling skills YOU NEED to start confidently creating your own unique CNC projects.

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Mike's Success in the Live Vectric Group Training Class


Mike’s Results

  • He is better at 3D modeling
  • He is more comfortable using a CNC machine
  • He is able to use Vectric software more confidently
  • His tasks take half the time they used to

How the Live Vectric Group Training helped Mike master his CNC machine and 3D modeling

  • New weekly live lessons
  • Personalized lessons to students actual projects
  • A library of more than 100 past lessons
  • Over 100 downloadable project files

What were your biggest challenges before the Live Vectric Group Training?

When I first started using YouTube videos to learn, they were helpful but not very step-by-step and it got frustrating. With Learn Your CNC, it became so much easier.

What did you get out of the Live Vectric Group Training?

The biggest thing I got out of Learn Your CNC was 3D modeling. Doing 3D models before was a difficult task for me. 

I was trying to learn by watching YouTube videos, but not getting very far. In the Live Vectric Group Training, 3D modeling is taught in a way that a 72-year old guy like me can understand. 

The projects that I do now are a whole lot easier. I am more comfortable with using the CNC machine, and it is easier to program Vectric software. 

Everything is there in the course. We are a bunch of guys with a range of skills. There are guys that have been using a CNC for 15 years and guys like me that have been at it for two years. Nobody is better than anybody else.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

I would be back at square one without the Live Vectric Group Training. I am 72 years old and retired. I have one hand, and I have always been involved with woodworking.

I stepped up to the CNC machine as a hobby, and it has just grown from there. Most of my growth is because of what I have learned with Kyle. 

Now tasks take half the time than they used to. My confidence in designing using Vectric software has grown 100%. I am more confident and competent at what I do.

Is the Live Vectric Group Training worth it?

I am just amazed at how knowledgeable Kyle is and how much this course has actually helped me. The master course and the time I have spent with the Learn Your CNC team is well worth every penny. 

It is worth a lot more than what I paid. With the amount of value you will get, it is worth much more than what Kyle charges.

Would you recommend the Live Vectric Group Training?

I would definitely recommend the Live Vectric Group Training course to anybody, no matter if you're a 10-year seasoned pro, or a guy starting out with his first CNC machine. 

This course is for everybody. There is always something to learn. I had some experience and I still learned things that I did not know. It really is worth every penny that I paid and if I had to pay again, I definitely would!

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Join Mike's success in our weekly live Vectric group training classes hosted in Zoom with 100+ replay lessons and project files!

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