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Customer Success Story: Kia'aina Wong

“My biggest win from taking the Vectric Master Course has been working with a local artist, and helping him develop his artwork into reality by outputting it on HDU foam for some
large projects. Not just large in scale and size, but monetary wise."

Kia'aina Wong
Oahu, Hawaii

CNC Experience: 6 years
CNC Machine:  4' x 8' Freedom Patriot ATC
Software: Vectric Aspire

Enrolled Training Courses:
🚀Live Vectric Group Training
📈Vectric Master Training Course

Some of Kia'aina's Projects

Kiaaina's Success in the Vectric Master Training Course


“My name is Kia'aina Wong, and I am from Hawaii. I have been using Vectric software since 2017.”

Kia'aina's Results

  • Has the skills needed for 3D projects
  • Feels more confident
  • Increased efficiency
  • The ability to take on large projects

How the Vectric Master Training Course helped Kiaaina get the most out of the Vectric software

  • Live lessons
  • A library of tutorial videos
  • Clear progression in skills from beginner to advanced
  • Expert instructors

What were your biggest challenges before the Vectric Master Training Course?

I needed to find a consistent learning platform that I could refer to. I was looking at various other videos and tutorials to solve problems as they came up, but there was too much searching involved. There was also no consistency in the methods being shown. 

I was getting things done, but the time it took to figure everything out meant I was working at a slow pace. Efficiency in production is key, and I knew I had some big improvements to make. 

I got to the point where I felt comfortable with Vectric, but I was still missing steps and figuring things out along the way. I needed a structured way to become truly confident and efficient.

What did you get out of the Vectric Master Training Course?

I have seen real improvements in my workflow and have been able to find ways to get projects done quicker using features of the software, such as toolpathing. 

I have been able to get regular customers with my new skills, especially with 3D work where it is more complex than cutting out 2D parts.

It does not make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a piece of equipment and then not invest in the training you need to use it efficiently. I now feel that I am using the software and equipment to its potential.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

Having fantastic software such as Vectric is great, but learning the navigation and how to get the full use out of the software requires confidence and learning. 

For me and many others, to get to that point you need somebody to teach you. A tutorial system that has everything in one place like the Vectric Master Course is exactly what you need to hone your skills. 

Is the Vectric Master Training Course better than self-study?

Immediately with the free trial you will see how well the Vectric Master Course is structured. It takes you from an introduction all the way to the end of the course step by step. 

Giving that structure and having a single instructor helps. His style of presenting is clear and simple to follow and it is easy to refer back to the videos when necessary. 

With this course you should be up and running with the basics and a general understanding within a day.

Would you recommend the Vectric Master Training Course?

I would recommend the Vectric Master Training Course to people at every level. If you are a hobbyist, a home business, or a small shop you will see the benefit of the training.

Vectric software is used for some really large companies as their primary software, and the amount of time that you will invest into learning it will make production more fun and so much more efficient.

Join the Vectric Master Training Course

Join Kiaaina's success in our Vectric Master Training Course where you will learn the design, toolpath, & 3D modeling skills YOU NEED to start confidently creating your own unique CNC projects.

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Kia'aina's Success in the Live Vectric Group Training Class


Kia'aina's Results

  • A go-to place for CNC instructional materials
  • Has adopted more efficient practices
  • Has unlocked more creativity
  • Has more confidence when speaking to customers

How the Live Vectric Group Training helped Kia'aina master his CNC machine and 3D modeling

  • Live lessons every week
  • A catalog of video tutorials
  • The ability to contact experts as needed
  • Instructional materials based on real-world experience

What were your biggest challenges before the Live Vectric Group Training?

My name is Kia'aina Wong, and I am from Hawaii. I have been using Vectric software since 2017. I needed to find a consistent learning platform that I could refer to. 

The existing platforms for watching instructional videos show you things in bits and pieces, and it is hard to find what works best for you. Looking for answers like this slows things down considerably.

What did you get out of the Live Vectric Group Training?

There is a dramatic difference in my understanding, which I attribute to the structure of the course. You can immediately see how the tutorials help you to take advantage of all aspects of the Vectric software. 

This course really opened my eyes to how I could start doing things more efficiently. It also broadened my horizons on being creative, because I am not naturally an artist. 

More of that creative flair came in after I saw what you could do in the tutorials. The Live Vectric Training encourages and motivates you because of the logical structure that builds your confidence over time.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

My confidence has shifted dramatically. Now when jobs come in, I know I can do them. I was also able to figure out ways to complete tasks faster and improve my workflow. 

Working with Learn Your CNC has made a huge change, and it has given me a lot more options to present to clients. It has enabled me to be a lot more confident and put myself out there.

Is the Live Vectric Group Training worth it?

The Live Vectric Group Training has been more than worth the investment. Financially, it is very affordable and there is a Thursday class, which is a live session. 

You can also subscribe to take the master course. To me it's a no-brainer, and I tell people this all the time. 

I will take a picture of his sticker on my CNC and contact Kyle for advice. He is very responsive, which is amazing. You get immediate, high quality advice.

Being isolated here in Hawaii, just having some support is fantastic. Kyle may not call you every time, but you are going to get an email in a very timely manner. The course pays for itself very quickly. 

Would you recommend the Live Vectric Group Training?

I would recommend the Live Vectric Group Training to people wanting to use a CNC as a hobby because you can get up and running quickly.

Even for more advanced users it can be useful, because there are so many aspects of Vectric that can be utilized to benefit your business. It is more than worth it.

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