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Customer Success Story: Kevin Guynn

“By spending time learning how to use my CNC machine, it's no longer a dust collector. It is a viable and applicable piece of equipment in my shop that turns out some very nice pieces. It was well worth my time and financial resources.

It is really not that much when you compare it to other training products out there.”

Kevin Guynn
Mentor, Ohio

CNC Experience: 3 Years
CNC Machine: Unknown
Software: VCarve Pro

Enrolled Training Courses:
🚀Live Vectric Group Training
📈Vectric Master Training Course

Some of Kevin's Projects

Kevin's Success in the Vectric Master Training Course


“My name is Kevin Guynn, and I live in Mentor, Ohio. I have been signed up with Kyle's program since the end of 2020. I signed up because I had purchased a CNC machine, but did not know a whole lot about it.”

Kevin’s Result

  • Confident using his machine
  • Can create 3D and 2D pieces
  • Has the tools to move his own learning forward
  • Enthusiastic to continue developing his skills

How the Vectric Master Training Course helped Kevin improve his efficiency and profitability

  • Live sessions
  • Recorded lessons
  • Individual help and advice
  • Expert course leader

What were your biggest challenges before the Vectric Master Training Course?

I went to a woodworking show in Columbus, Ohio, and I was introduced to a CNC machine. I just watched that device do a 3D project, and I was enthralled.

I decided to go ahead and purchase one. When I realized how much money I had spent on the machine, I also realized I did not know enough about how to use it. I needed to invest in my own training, which is when I came across the course online.

What did you get out of the Vectric Master Training Course?

When I first started, I did some 2D projects, signs and that type of thing. One of my first signs was my own name, and it came out pretty bad. I have that in my workshop now just as a reminder of where I started versus where I am today. 

What I really liked with Learn Your CNC is that I could stop, watch it again, and then implement what I have learned in my own projects. If I had questions, I could go back to clarify and it has always worked.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

I am much more confident in what I am doing when operating and working on my CNC, and Kyle is not done with me yet! Last week, I signed up for another year. 

I am going to learn more as things progress. Whenever I realize I need a particular skill, I can go back and look at what he has already done or I can send him a message with any questions I have. Whenever a student has a question, he finds a way to implement that into upcoming lessons.

Is the Vectric Master Training Course better than self-study?

I read a couple of reviews that mentioned Kyle as the go-to guy if you have questions. I took a leap of faith, signed up, and I have never looked back. 

It is much more than the weekly lessons. You can also go back and watch the online sessions, and now he also has two additional times a week where it is a live class. He is growing to meet the needs of his students. All this effort is reflected in the number of people that have signed up for his product. 

I do not have anything against the people on YouTube because I learned a lot from them, but if you want a course that is going to help, whether you are a novice or have a lot of expertise, you are going to find something worthwhile.

Would you recommend the Vectric Master Training Course?

I am not someone who endorses products, I just don't do that. This is a very rare thing for me to do. If I did not believe in what Learn Your CNC was doing I would not have spent my time sharing my experience. 

With that being said, this is a product that I can endorse. It is well worth the money, and if you are out there watching this, please consider going and checking it out for yourself. I don't think you will be sorry.

Join the Vectric Master Training Course

Join Kevin's success in our Vectric Master Training Course where you will learn the design, toolpath, & 3D modeling skills YOU NEED to start confidently creating your own unique CNC projects.

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Kevin's Success in the Live Vectric Group Training Class


“If I were on my own and without the skills I have learned in the live Vectric training, I would be so far behind. I would have this piece of equipment in my workshop that is just sitting there waiting for me to learn how to properly use it.”

Kevin’s Results

  • Can now properly use his CNC machine
  • Able to complete a range of projects
  • Has learned the fundamental skills
  • Is able to tackle more challenging projects

How the Live Vectric Group Training Course helped Kevin develop his skills with a CNC machine

  • Help and guidance from an expert
  • Group training sessions
  • A large library of content
  • Develop skills at your own pace

What were your biggest challenges before the Live Vectric Group Training Course?

My name is Kevin Guynn, and I live about 20 miles directly east of Cleveland. I have been working with Kyle and his program since the end of 2021.

I have used his training to expand my skill set in the workshop, and it has really changed how I do things. Prior to the group training, I had used his class modules and I was doing a lot of the work there.

I did the group training, and picked up a lot through the questions others were asking and what Kyle was showing. However, I was not quite at that level yet. I needed the very basics.

Once I got those basic skills under my belt, I started enjoying the class and enjoying all of the projects, even things that I wasn't that interested in! I was learning something through what he was working on.

Huge Improvements After the Live Vectric Group Training

I started from ground zero without knowing a whole lot about the machine. I just had a desire to make this an integral part of what I did in the workshop.

I started with group training and watching others have questions. Kyle would lay out different projects, and I could take the opportunity to replicate what he had just shown us in class.

It was fun to see the projects coming from the other side of the computer screen to something tangible that I can hold in my hands.

How did the training by Learn Your CNC boost your confidence and skill set?

Having Kyle follow the steps that I took just reaffirmed what I was doing. It was an affirmation that I am on the right track and that I can take the skills that I have learned and apply them to the projects I want to make.

How is the Live Vectric Group Training Course better than self-study?

There may be a training that is not relevant to what you are doing, but you keep on watching. You will find that those aspects of the training are still very applicable to what you want to be doing.

If the training is not resonating for you, reach out and he will show you what you need to make your experience with your CNC much more valuable.

That is why I really like that the name of Kyle's program is Learn Your CNC Academy. It is really focused on you as the end receiver, who is learning from a real expert.

Would you recommend the Live Vectric Training Course?

I would absolutely recommend the Live Vectric training because it is well worth the money and time invested. You will get something out of it, you just need to trust the process. It has become an integral part of what I do each and every time I walk out into the workshop.

Join the Vectric Master Training Course

Join Kevin's success in our weekly live Vectric group training classes hosted in Zoom with 150+ replay lessons and project files!

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